VIFAH Snapping Deck Tiles
"getting hardwood deck is easier than ever"

Thursday, August 03, 2006

What are Snapping Deck Tiles?

Snapping Deck Tiles (or sometimes referred as Interlocking Deck Tiles or Wooden Deck Tiles) is a do-it-yourself product designed for the average homeowners. It instantly gives consumers a solid hardwood floor on the patio, balcony, roof top, next to a pool or spa, and also kitchen and bathroom areas in a couple of hours - without the hassles of building a deck in the conventional way in multiple days. Most importantly, the floor is economically reusable - just simply unsnap the deck tiles on one floor and resnap them on another floor !

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How does Snapping System work?

Each tile has connection points along its edges. To connect two tiles together, position the connection points along the entire edges, apply downward pressure on the connection points until all of the connection points are snapped together.

Sharing Your Experiences !

Extracted from a note from Richard, a customer in New York, on 07 July, 2006
"Hi again. Just fyi, I put your sample tile through a rigorous test - freezing and thawing, as well as trying to burn with cigarettes - and it still looks perfect!"

Extracted from a note from Beverly, a customer in New Jersey, on 02 August, 2006
"The snapping deck tiles are an absolutely fantastic product. They are constructed to be used easily and efficiently yet are stable and sturdy. Working with them was also an easy task, as it was simple to lay them out and snap them together. The only tools that were essential in constructing the deck were a ruler and jigsaw. As for the cutting of the deck tiles, simple, simple , simple. This product created a lovely deck, out of a shingled balcony. I know that the tiles will withstand time for they are manufactured with excellent materials. We will enjoy our new deck for many years to come."